TLCOMP2023 – Something for Everyone. Name your price sounds a lot more mercenary than it did last week. XOTL Dark Dark Blue by Ava Mirzadegan – Cassette, digital. Out 11/3. Accompanied most often by spacious silence and a finger-picked nylon string guitar, Ava Mirzadegan writes quiet songs about longing, letting go, and befriending night skies. MAGNET (EP) by ELLA HUE – WAKE UP! WHERE DO OUR LIMITS BEGIN AND END? WHEN DOES ATTRACTION TRANSFORM INTO REPULSION? WHEN DOES REPULSION TRANSFORM INTO ATTRACTION? I CHOOSE TO AERATE STAGNATION. THERE IS RELIEF HERE. Spider on a Leaf by Chris Root – A hymn book to nature. Daime spirit. Sing sing along.
Hit play to listen; go to Bandcamp for merch; find your platform in the link. Out now everywhere.
[Ditto for the sounds below]
Elysian Fields – Concerto for Cello and Electronics in 528 Hz Major by Ben Noyes – Cassette, digital. Instrumental, colorful strings, open spaces, live digital manipulations by the composer and performer.
Puja by Mustafa Bhagat – Vinyl, Digital
Instrumental, Sitar and Tabla. This album represents a full day’s journey of the sun.
Ghost Music by Bill Brovold – CD, Digital
Instrumental, Steel Guitar, Loops, Crickets, Glass Harp, Electric Shruti, Bass Clarinet, Violin Double Bass, Percussion, Moog Synthesizer, Voice
Ambient Birds by Philip Goth – AA Single – Digital
Words & Music, Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer, Drum