a boy called ear by demi spriggs Рdigital out now, cassette 14 february via Bandcamp  TLCOMP2023 РSomething for Everyone. Name your price sounds a lot more mercenary than it did last week. XOTL Dark Dark Blue by Ava Mirzadegan РCassette, digital. Out 11/3. Accompanied most often by spacious silence and a finger-picked nylon string guitar, Ava Mirzadegan writes quiet songs about longing, letting go, and befriending night skies. MAGNET (EP) by ELLA HUE РWAKE UP! WHERE DO OUR LIMITS BEGIN AND END? WHEN DOES ATTRACTION TRANSFORM INTO REPULSION? WHEN DOES REPULSION TRANSFORM INTO ATTRACTION? I CHOOSE TO AERATE STAGNATION. THERE IS RELIEF HERE. Spider on a Leaf by Chris Root РA hymn book to nature. Daime spirit. Sing sing along.
Hit play to listen; go to Bandcamp for merch; find your platform in the link. Out now everywhere.
[Ditto for the sounds below]
Elysian Fields – Concerto for Cello and Electronics in 528 Hz Major by Ben Noyes – Cassette, digital. Instrumental, colorful strings, open spaces, live digital manipulations by the composer and performer.
Puja by Mustafa Bhagat – Vinyl, Digital
Instrumental, Sitar and Tabla. This album represents a full day’s journey of the sun.
Ghost Music by Bill Brovold – CD, Digital
Instrumental, Steel Guitar, Loops, Crickets, Glass Harp, Electric Shruti, Bass Clarinet, Violin Double Bass, Percussion, Moog Synthesizer, Voice
Ambient Birds by Philip Goth – AA Single – Digital
Words & Music, Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer, Drum